Monday, May 10, 2010

Well, what's going on?

Hello everyone in dog blog land!

We have been our busy selves these have lacrosse games, I have been both gaining and losing clients (economy is number one reason for gains and losses's been tough here in the northeast...) The dales have been coming to work wiff mumsie and keeping all our clients that. 

The bunnies have been a focus...they went back out in their hutches with the threat of really freezing temps gone.  They still have lots of fleece to snuggle in for a few remaining chilly nights.  I've surprised myself, I"m quite attached to them!  Noah and Cotton are sweet pets.  The dales would gobble them up in heart, we keep them separate.  Not to mention that I think the bunnies would have a heart attack from fear...So I snuggle with them in front of TV with the dales either outside or in their room. 

Can't believe how fast they grow up...boys are 5 and Lola is 2....whooo!  We still talk to Mamma Sherry on a weekly basis...yep, she'll always be part of the pack.  We love ya Sher!

Just a quick hello....a few piccies.... enjoy!  Love to all our bloggie friends!

And the bunnies, of course!