Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here is Master Roy Boy in all his glory. I love this picture of my oldest guy and wanted to share with you all his gorgeous good looks. You know, he gets them from his Mamma, that would be Apache Tears. Isn't he just beautiful? I thank God for Roy Boy everyday. He's my pal through thick n thin and always knows when to love on his Mamma.
Yep, he's my handsome boy Roy. Love you Roy!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to work we go.....

Lola Dale reporting here today.....I've been a busy little camper these days. I'm a working girl now. No more of this sitting around on my butt yawning all day.....hut-two, three, four....that's my chant when Mummy calls!

See, I work for Pawesome Pals, Mumsie's new busyness...yes, she is busy, busy,busy. And now so am I, Jack and Roy Al....we are busy all the time working wiff her. We take turns, who goes what day, but we all wuff it! See me and Tucker here...Mumsie runs in the woods wiff Tucker and me or Roy or Jack. And then we go to see Miss Bella, or Sheamus, or Digger & Bailey, or Tyson or Holly...well, you get the picture. We walk all day long...Mumsie is getting skinny and we are having a ball. It totally rocks! How cool is it that we get to go to work wiff Mumsie? Neat- eh?

So, this is Mumsie and me and Tucker one day in a park called Norris Reservation. We love this place and we do lots of running and walking here. We see Tucker 5 days a week. He's a Wheaton Terrier...our hooman kiddos say we must be cousins on account of having the same black button noses....My Lu-Lu may be right...he's pretty cool and Jack really likes him so we'll let Mumsie keep him as her client.

And this is me and Tucker walking...Mumsie wouldn't put in the butt sniffing pictures but think they were cool. Anyhow, see how nicely we walk together. We run like crazy little nut bags when we are jogging...Mumsie does a lot of giggling. It's pretty cool to hear Mumsie giggle so much on account that she was so sad when I first arrived. She tells me all the time it was "Lola Magic" that made her smile again. Tee-hee!

See this picture...this is Mr. Cracker Jack, my big brother, and Tucker at a boathouse on one of the trails along the North River. This is the same river you saw me boating on this summer wiff Mumsie and Daddy. Tucker's house is on the river, well, next to the that's why we walk wiff him everyday.

Cracker Man likes to run the show but sometimes wiff Tucker he has to walk right next to him....he gets peeved but he doesn't tell Mumsie....he just does his job as a working man should. Good Boy Cracker, way to help out Mumsie!

This one is on a day that Mumsie had a friend wiff her too. We all walked together in the park. So much fun for one little girlie. What would life be like if Mumsie was still in Real estate? Geesh, I wouldn't have this much fun I don't think....Glad Mumsie is a dog walker and pet is WAY more cool now.

Just so you don't think I do all the work, here is Jack at Digger n Bailey's house...he walks wiff the shelties....they like him and he does a good thing over there...he helps Mumsie just like me do.
Ya know, we don't have any pictures or Roy Al working wiff Mumsie...hmmmmmm...I'll find some he does it too ya know....helps Mumsie out.

And so this concludes my first report on being a working girl. I'm sure there will be much more to tell soon enough. It's hard to be so busy but we need to help out Mumsie and we love being outside wiff her all the time. (errr, except when it rains...SHE still walks the dogs but we don't...we stay home!) Anyhow, I'm learning a lot, manners and good girl behavior and all kinds of stuff...Whoo-hooo!

Lola the Airechick signingout for now! Love ya my wet bearded slimy colleagues! Aireslaps and nose pokes!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Where oh where have we been?

Where have the Griffindales been? Well, they have all been right here, growing and learning and becoming a good little pack of doggies. Where has their mother been? Well, honestly, working her buns off! is paying off! Getting a business tolaunch is tough stuff but we are making positive progress all the time! New clients, lessons learned, marketing...

Yadda, yadda, yadda....

We have not abandoned our friends...Mumsie has just been very busy and tired and hasn't been able to post! I am sorry! We will definately being posting soon....with pictures....

Here's the scoop on the kiddos....

LOLA!!! Wow! She is getting fixed tomorrow and I'm a nervous Mumsie...of course she will be fine but yes, I'm worried! She is after all my baby girl....oh, did I mention that she is pushing 57 lbs at age 6 months and on her way to in size? Yeah, our girl is growing like a weed! She is also very well behaved and a love. She snuggles with her Daddy all the time...seems to be a Daddy's girl.....her color is a gorgeous red and she is smart, smart, smart! She comes with Mumsie to work sometimes too and is great when socializing with other doggies!

Cracker Jack...our big boy...he's healed from his corn cob incident and his hair is finally sort of filling in on his belly. Thank goodness because he was naked for so long! With the colder temperatures coming quickly, it's nice to know he'll have some hair on his tummy. He's feeling a little challenged by Lola and her all consuming presence, requests for attention and her bitey face games....Jack can see the writing on the wall but he's not moving aside easily, that's for sure!

And of course, Number 1 son, Roy Al.....he's my special buddy...loving and needing extra attention, he now sleeps RIGHT NEXT TO Mumsie on the bed each night. He's feeling rather like the king of everything!

So, that's the quick version....more to follow soon...thanks for not forgetting who we are! We love you all...Bark at cha soon!

Mumsie Griffin!