Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day with the Griffindales....

Hello There Everydog and Everyfriend....

Mumsie Griffindale here...along with LOLA DALE ...yes, we've been busy. Always seems there is something that comes up and keeps us busy! Mumsie's busy-ness has been keeping her focused on her clients and their doggies. Then we have the 2 legged kiddos, they have had basketball, concerts and Ally's 13th birthday pawty. Yes, we've had lots to do.

However, you are always in our hearts and minds!

We first want to say that we are in thoughtful and respectful mourning for Lu-lu and Bogart. How our hearts broke when we heard the news about Klaus, his difficult illness and his unexpected passing so early in life. Lu-lu....we are here...thinking of you and Bogart and loving you and saying BIG BIG AIREPRAYERS for you both.

We hope you don't mind that we have borrowed one of your pictures...this is our favorite...you 3 are connected in sheer love. We will continue to remember you all in our hearts and prayers way over here on the other side of the country. We send you wishes for peace...

Lu-lu , Klaus and Bogart
Pawsitively true blue love

We have been busy trying to be good scoobies and share our Aire-ness with so many OTHER DOGGIES around us. Luckily, Mumsie let's us occasionally go to work with her...we can share our Aire-suasion and Aire-ways with all of her doggie friends. So, here are a few of our recent connections wiff the D-O-G's she takes care of! We love to help Mumsie and make friends!!!!

This is me, LOLA DALE and my friend Tucker in Mumsie's Jeepie....we had a pawesome time that day! Tucker is a Wheaton!

Here I am wiff my fwiend Sandy...we LOVE to romp in the snow and we always have fun together..... Sandy Man is a Vizsla.

This is Master Roy Al having a good day with Tucker. They went to Norris Reservation together....it was a great day, for sure!

And of course, Master Cracker Jack is part of the Pawesome Pals working team. We try to make friends wiff all our doggie clients. Jack has fun with Sandy...he likes to track the deer in the woods as much as Sandy. Airedales have been used as hunting dogs and Sandy is a Vizsla...they too are hunting dogs!

Finally, Here I am wiff my fwiend Bella Boop! Bella is a still a pup like me - she's a Westie. I like her lots....we have fun together.....

So you see, Mumsie has been busy taking care of our pals. We help as much as we can and we always do our Airey-best to make her shine! We are happy that the snow has melted and our paws are crossed for NO MORE SNOW!


We hope that SPRING arrives soon, and decides to stay! Lots more pictures to come...Mumsie has spring fever and has been clicking away! WE LOVE ALL OUR BLOGGIE FWIENDS AND WILL BE OUT VISITING SOON....MmmmmmmmmWAH!
Big Big Love to you all ~
Lola Belle and her Mumsie