Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still Miserable....

Lola Dale here....

STILL earies are STUCK ON MY HEAD! I keep telling Mumsie but she won't help me take them down! Oh my dog...I'm so tired! Ahhhhhh, well, I guess I'm just stuck. I'll be back to let you know how I'm doing soon.....I hope!
Lola signing out! Nose pokes!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Errr, WHAT IS This?

Ok, check it out...I LOOK like a patient. I'm not really but there's this stuff all around my ears. Mumsie says it is the price to pay to be booootifullll for the rest of my doggie girl years.......I'll get back to you on if it is worth it or not.....

For now, put your paws together and pray this baloney ends soon!

Lola 'sad girl' Dale ~ I'm hoping to end this soon! Wooooah is Lola!

Hangin out at home wiff our family

Howdy! Mr. Cracker Jack here...Mumsie calls me Bum-Bum on account of my cute bum I guess...she has wots of cute names for each of us. Anyhow, thought I'd share some family fun pictures wiff you!
Here's me & the Lola dale just having fun, we're the best tug-o-war team in the da World! We are so good at it....she is a tough cookie, my sissy dale. Never gives up!
Alas, I always seem to win....maybe it's my size advantage...anyhow, I don't mind but that girlie...she minds. She keeps saying "Wait til I get a little bigger, Jack-Jack, I"m gonna win!" She's probably right...she's getting big!
And Here is my brother Roy Boy, just chillin on the family sofa. He's Mumsie's love bug. Always wants to snuggle. And I guess he's a pretty good boy cause Mumsie calls him her 'angel boy Roy'. Angel? What about me?
Well, here I am hanging wiff my boy Jake watching TV. Mumsie calls me 'frog man' when I lay like this. I do it cause it feels good on my hips and my leggies.....I LOVE to stretch out .
So that's it...nothing doing round here...just hanging...
Oh, yeah we got tubbies yesterday we are CLEAN! Mumsie clipped Lola Belle, we boys did not get cuts...on account of winter coming. But Lola will get her ears glued, Mumsire needed to clip her to make sure the glue will set right. Okie Dokes...Bum-Bum saying "Later, dudes". I'll check in again this week!