Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer has been CRAZY!

Hey there all you dog-bloggers!

We at Camp Griffindale have been so busy this summer. Seems like we are here only once every month or so. SORRY! Really, we love our bloggy friends but summer has us OUTSIDE! And there have been some fine moments.....

First, Lola Dale has learned to swim! We went to a friend's cottage on a nearby lake and Lola came along. She's been to the beach about 1,000 times but had never really learned to swim. You know, all four paws in the watter, not touching? She learned with Mumsie! We had a ball and she did great. Such an OUTSTANDING DOG! I have to say, Mamma Sherry at Tenkiller Kennels outdid herself. Lola is just perfect in soooo many ways! Even our vet agreed that she is a perfect specimen of a dog - and oh so beautiful as well. Nice!

She's Mamma's Girl, Daddy's Girl and has more boyfriends with Mommy's clients than she can wag her tail at. Perfectly behaved 99.9% of the time.....I can't say anything more that's better. We ADORE our Lola. She is lovey-dovey and she is playful and even the boys (Roy and Jack) love and adore her. She's a GREAT dog.

Roy Al loves to swim also and he went to the beach this summer. Green Harbor Beach in Marshfield was the place we landed this particular day. He swam with Mumsie, a lot, and he got to be a lounge lizard with his sister Ally too. Roy is very well behaved on the beach, and everywhere else too, really. He loves to swim and doesn't really like to come out of the water, especially if at a beach where he can touch and walk in and out himself. Sometimes he'll stand on his hind legs and rest his front paws on my arms or knees and just hang out out in about waist deep water. He did this with me and jumped down and forgot he was out so deep and went right under! No worries Mumsie, he just shook it off, no muss no fuss. Such a good boy Roy Al.

The Cracker Jack has been busy trying to keep his status as PACK LEADER while Lola has been giving him a serious run for the money. Though he is determined to be his Mumsie's main man for a long time to come. My buddy. Love the Cracker. He has assumed a new position while lounging with the family at home...his very own chair! Can you believe he squeezes his furry butt into a leather chair? Well, he does, routinely! Love the Bum! He's our bestest boy and he is a super working dale by the way. He works with me a lot and he is just fantastic with all my clients doggies. Super good boy. Look at him in that chair though, too funny!

We hope you all have been well over the summer and are looking forward to the fall. Apple picking is our family's favorite fall activity. Ahead of myself here though....we have one last beach hurrah coming up, Dad and I are off on a day of adventure down the Cape...maybe in the Jeep! And then there's Labor Day weekend, so....lots can happen!
Love to all our bloggy friends.....Mwah! Mwah!
Big nose pokes too!
Mamma Griffindale and all the kids!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been a long time

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!! We love ya...sorry we've been missing.....

Umm, yes, we know, it's been a very long time....yep, a month. Seems that with work and kids and dogs and life, we get to this about once a month. We are sorry! But you should know we have been fine....things have been going well for us recently and we are wish you all love and happiness. Especially our friends that have been having difficult times.....WE THINK OF YOU ALWAYS!

Business has been growing...Praise God for HIS HELP! Whooo-hooo! I just love what I am doing and I am so blessed that my business has been growing. So, thank you to the big doggie upstairs! Love ya! In turn, keeps me busy, fit and tired at night. I walk dogs from about 8 AM until about 4PM each day....usually about 6 to 8 stops a day. I love it....I have pups and older dogs, some I run with with, some jog in the woods with me, some just walk around their neighborhood or stay in their yards! So much unconditional love all day keeps me a happy and well adjusted girl. My husband is most grateful as well.

The kids, Roy, Jack and Lola, all get to take turns and accompany me. I have clients that ASK for them to come along so their pets can get some socialization each day! How nice is that? Very special.

Look at how great the kids are looking....
Bless you all.....hugs and kisses....
The Griffindales

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lola Turned ONE!

Hey There Every Dawg & Cat.....

Our girlie turned one....yes, it was a quiet family celebration...just three crazy dales, Mumsie and Dad and frosty paws treats! She is just beautiful and takes my breath away. We called Mamma Sherry , our Breeder, to share the day with her.

Easiest just to say this....I am grateful for the gift of Lola and joy she has brought to me and my family...she is a treasure. I cannot begin to put in words how special she is to me....but she is the baby girl that God wanted me to have ~ and I'm good with that! We adore our Lola Dale, big girl is ONE!

Here is our beautiful girl's latest photo shoot!




Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day with the Griffindales....

Hello There Everydog and Everyfriend....

Mumsie Griffindale here...along with LOLA DALE ...yes, we've been busy. Always seems there is something that comes up and keeps us busy! Mumsie's busy-ness has been keeping her focused on her clients and their doggies. Then we have the 2 legged kiddos, they have had basketball, concerts and Ally's 13th birthday pawty. Yes, we've had lots to do.

However, you are always in our hearts and minds!

We first want to say that we are in thoughtful and respectful mourning for Lu-lu and Bogart. How our hearts broke when we heard the news about Klaus, his difficult illness and his unexpected passing so early in life. Lu-lu....we are here...thinking of you and Bogart and loving you and saying BIG BIG AIREPRAYERS for you both.

We hope you don't mind that we have borrowed one of your pictures...this is our 3 are connected in sheer love. We will continue to remember you all in our hearts and prayers way over here on the other side of the country. We send you wishes for peace...

Lu-lu , Klaus and Bogart
Pawsitively true blue love

We have been busy trying to be good scoobies and share our Aire-ness with so many OTHER DOGGIES around us. Luckily, Mumsie let's us occasionally go to work with her...we can share our Aire-suasion and Aire-ways with all of her doggie friends. So, here are a few of our recent connections wiff the D-O-G's she takes care of! We love to help Mumsie and make friends!!!!

This is me, LOLA DALE and my friend Tucker in Mumsie's Jeepie....we had a pawesome time that day! Tucker is a Wheaton!

Here I am wiff my fwiend Sandy...we LOVE to romp in the snow and we always have fun together..... Sandy Man is a Vizsla.

This is Master Roy Al having a good day with Tucker. They went to Norris Reservation was a great day, for sure!

And of course, Master Cracker Jack is part of the Pawesome Pals working team. We try to make friends wiff all our doggie clients. Jack has fun with Sandy...he likes to track the deer in the woods as much as Sandy. Airedales have been used as hunting dogs and Sandy is a Vizsla...they too are hunting dogs!

Finally, Here I am wiff my fwiend Bella Boop! Bella is a still a pup like me - she's a Westie. I like her lots....we have fun together.....

So you see, Mumsie has been busy taking care of our pals. We help as much as we can and we always do our Airey-best to make her shine! We are happy that the snow has melted and our paws are crossed for NO MORE SNOW!


We hope that SPRING arrives soon, and decides to stay! Lots more pictures to come...Mumsie has spring fever and has been clicking away! WE LOVE ALL OUR BLOGGIE FWIENDS AND WILL BE OUT VISITING SOON....MmmmmmmmmWAH!
Big Big Love to you all ~
Lola Belle and her Mumsie

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Snowy Fun

Hello Everyone! It's Mumsie here. We've been having lots of cold, snowy weather here in the Boston area.......We went for a walk in the woods today to follow some deer tracks. There were 5 deer right next to the house at 8 AM and so we all wanted to see where they went. Needless to say we did NOT find the deer. But when we came back we went sledding and we played in the snow with the dales...YIPPEE!

Yes, very handsome dales..... they love the camera. Most times they have no idea what their crazy mamma is doing with that thingy that makes clicking noises and has a bright light on it.....yes, we were taking pictures again today. My babies bring me such joy.

Look at those gorgeous dale faces and how beautiful they are! Mamma Sherry ~ you breed some fabulous looking Airedales. Mamma Sherry, Paddy, Apache, Snookie, Yalo & Tara Dales have all given us these 3 beautiful pups to share our lives with. We love you and appreciate the magic that is in our lives because of these doggies.

The Dales of course had fun and are now sleeping on the sofa RECOVERING from their big day. Ha! Spoiled babes. I did get some GREAT pictures of the furkids though. Just love the snow buddies! They are easy subjects, for sure.

Hope everyone is enjoying the cold, snowy weather. It has made my dog walks a little uncomfortable....not all doggies are made for pouncing, bounding, digging and wrassling in the snow like the Dales! Uh, guess we do have the perfect dogs....cause they also love the water and the sand and being boat babies....Who said boat? Ah, memories of sun and sand.......June and July will be here before we know it. Until then, we continue to enjoy the New England weather, go on adventure walks after the deer, and bounce and pounce to our hearts content!
Here are my 2 favorites from today.....pretty magical if you ask me. Dales just being dales but they make my heart SING!

To those that have MLK Day off, enjoy!!! For those that have to work, and I have a few walks to do myself....well, just keep smiling!
Mumsie Griffindale

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Jingle Dales, Jingle Dales,
Jingle all the way!

Hello, hello, hello!

Yes, we've missed you all, too!

Well the Griffindales did a holiday magic disappearing act - huh? We didn't really go anywhere, we were just *very* busy! As you know I have been pouring myself into my company and getting my business is paying off. I THANK GOD everyday for the growth and stability I have after only being in business these past months. I have AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL CLIENTS AND PETS in my roster and it is an absolute joy to go to work each day.

So, that being said, I do all my own marketing and design work, I visit vet offices, local supermarkets, post offices, industrial parks and pet stores to leave my brochures and flyers. I also have a pretty good website that I do myself and it has served me pretty well. I have taken classes, joined the appropriate organizations and really focused on saying 'thank you' to those that have referred me. I appreciate any and all help from my family and friends.

Meet Tucker - one of my favorite clients!
Yes, he's a Wheaton Terrier, not a dale.
Not everyone owns a dale!
Ahhhhhhh...then the holidays came and I had to shop for presents! For the family, friends and THE BUSINESS! Yikes....and plan for the family parties (yes, parties....more than one) and the food and the beverages and the desserts...yadda, yadda, yadda. And still operate my business. Insanity set in when I had to think about holiday cards for the business AND for us....TWO sets of cards, ADDRESSES AND STAMPS! Hmmmmmm, I love the holidays, I love the holidays, I love the holidays..... I will NOT become the grinch, I will NOT become the grinch, I WILL NOT BECOME THE GRINCH!

See, the kids say sledding was fun this year in ALL the snow we got!

However, in the sea of holiday "BLISS", I discovered that I love my family, my pack of dales, my business and of course....I still had my spirit of giving! It is all kind of crazy and yet we love it and we do it over and over - year after year.

Santa came for a visit and we managed a few entertaining things for ourselves. All in all, a great holiday season.

Sean and I actually got to attend things together and with the kids.....busy but FUN!

Now, we are back to "normal" - we turned the page on 2008. Ring in's gonna be just fine. I look forward to a year of wonderful and positive things. For lots of quality time spent with my dogs and being able to take one of them to work with me each day. I feel blessed to have all that in my life. I feel blessed that I found my way to "my calling" - working with animals - at age 40 and not at age 55 or 60.

Anyhow....after sharing my holiday season enlightenment with are some GREAT pictures of the dales and a friend or two.....Enjoy! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Much Love and peace to you all ~