Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're Still Here!


Mumsie has been so very busy that she FORGOT TO BLOG! What is up wiff Mumsie, Roy Boy?

I don't know Crackers, she has been a busy lady....running to some place called a printers and to the Town Halls and of course, to PetCo! But what she has been doing, I don't weally know.

Yeah, all something that has to do wiff a COMPANY she has been working on....I tink she is twing to make herself a MOGUL in the pet care world round here. She wants to take care of other peoples' pets wike she takes care of us. What's up wiff dat?

Well, we know our mumsie is so super good...remember just a few days ago we had that STRANGER DANGER KITTY in our house?

OH YEAH! She put that Kitty Thingy in our kids bathroom. He was here for wike 2 or 3 whole days and nights....we don't DO cats here at our houwse. We rule and other pets just drool....well, maybe not the birds - can birds drool?

Well here he is that wascally rascal that Mumsie brought inside the house. Remember he had a tag that said he was from some place far away and the Kitty Thingy's parents didn't live there anymore? Yeah and then Mumsie made wots and wots of phone calls to find the Kitty Thingy's real houwse. BUT he got to eat TUNA FISH while he was here! 2 whole cans! Just look at him in our kids bathroom - actin' wike he owns the joint.... you see he has a STUFFIE! WHAT is Mumsie thinking? I am in total shock! She shared our stuffies!
Yeah well, ya know this Kitty Thingy was on our porch for a couple of days before he was brought in the houwse Roysie...Mumsie is so nice she felt bad...thought he was lost and she was right. Do you care about that particular stuffie....I DON'T....we have the WUBBA from T-Bone....much more fun. Anyhow, Mumsie towld me that she would want some one to take care of us if we were ever lost and that's why she did it.
Well, Kitty Thingy said his name was Leo and that he was old....wike 16 years old....and he was happy to know his Mamma was coming to get him - thanks to Mumsie. For a stwanger he was pwety nice to us. Even if he was in our kids bathroom. He wandered about 3 miles away from home and ouwr Mumsie found his Mama.
Well, it's all good Roy Boy...he's gone back to his home and WE ARE STILL HERE wiff Mumsie waiting for LOLA DALE!!!!!! She's so cute....can't wait til she arrives! June 5th is coming soon!
We wuff you Mumsie, even though you've been busy. We know you weally want to do good stuff for us and for Lola Dale and wuff us wiff all your heart.....Crackers signing out....Roy Boy signing out.....We will blog again water if Mumsie is still too busy....
We miss all our Bloggy friends....thanks for being patient wiff us! Yeah and we're still here....but that Kitty Thingy - Leo - he's gone!


Peanut said...

Hi guys that was nice of your mama to help that kitty. I don't mind kitties even if my brother Peanut does. I am your goodie exchange partner and if you guys could email me your address and what you like I will be able to start shopping and get the package out to you. I am so excited.
our email is peanutarmydog @
without the spaces of course

Maggie & Mitch said...

ooooooooooooo - a kitty! So that's what you guys have been up to! We've missed you! We can't wait to see Lola living at your house!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Willow the Black Dale said...

A kitty?? Oh I love kitties...that is I love to chase them, bitey face them and sit on them!!! Did you get to do any of that to Leo? I am so glad mumsie found his mama!!
Yeehaw Lola will be there soon. You are going to be soooo happy wiff her I promise!! She is cute, fun and sassy!!! Take lots of pictures or have mumsie do it! I sure have missed you boyz. Catch up with you all later.
nose pokes,

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

That is really great that your mama found Leo's real mom! We don't "do" cats at our house, either, but we have 2 that like to lounge near our front door. Somehow, Mom always catches them before we do...lucky for them! We can't wait till LolaDale gets there!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Bogart said...

Aw... I have 5 kitties so I feel your pain. Except that mine never leave.

Missed you! Countdown to LolaDale!!!


Noah the Airedale said...

Your mum is so kind to look after that kitty. The poor thing must have been very scared. We love a happy ending.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

Stanley said...

Hey, Boys!!!

You've GOT to give your mama a big juicy goober smooch right on her pucker for taking care of that kitty boy! That was some big-hearted lovin' there. If my catbro, Merv, ever went missing, I would hope somebody like your mama found him.

Sounds like the business is getting ready to TAKE OFF! We're wishing you and your mama success! Think of all the new dogs you're gonna meet! WooHOoo!

Speaking of new dogs, can't wait to see LolaDale in action with you guys. Rest up. She's a comin' to your house any day now!!!

Goober love & smooches,

Deetz said...

I just got back from vacation...trying to get all caught up with everyone...lots of things have happened while I was away