Monday, April 28, 2008

Visit wiff Sammy!

Top of the morning to you all!

We had a great visit wiff ouwr cousin Sammy! He came down from the Cape to see us and hang out and pway! It was pawesome. He's not an Airedale....he's a British Cream....whatever that means.....You decide....In any case, he pways wiff just wike Dales...he pways bitey face wiff us and he gets his coat all dirty and we all have fun!!!!

Roy Al and Sammy:
Mr. Cracker Jack, Roy Al and Sammy:

See how much we wuff to weally cool to haff a cousin that is so much fun....

Anyway, Mumsie finally got ouwr pictures wiff our new airecuts so we look weally handsome and not wike woolly boys.....anymore...not just bitey face ones....

We think we wook much betterer wiff our airecuts...and of course, much more wike Dales should. Notice that Roy Al could not put down his toy even for a minute for Mumsie....I said that was just not nice but Roy Al says he was being Dale for the picture....

Today Mumsie is going to work ona plan for a doggie day care...her vewy own! We are vewy happy to hear that...what fun to have Mumsie awound all day evewy day! Whoohooo! We will wet you know what happens as Mumsie does her homeworks.......paws crossed evwy wone!

The G-Dales Out!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scary Eye picture for Deetz

Here it is! Cracker Jack looks weally scawy and Roy is sort of scawy too! EEEK!

Airecuts and Biteyface Games

Mumsie.....Cracker Jack is starting it, I can't sit still....I gotta....I gotta.....GET HIM!


We feewl gweat! We got ouwr Airecuts, We got ouwr Airecuts!

All we wanted to do was play biteyface instead of posing for Mumsie to take ouwr piccies! Teee-heee-heeee.....

We wuv to pway biteyface! It's sooo much fun. Maybe we will let Mumsie take a portrait tomorrow......Pawslaps dudes and to pway some more!
Cracker Aire Snaps to the left......!
A pounce powerd by Roy Aire.......
Comin' to get 'cha!
That Roy, he always wants to get in the last word!!!!
Aire Snaps and Paw Slaps!
The G-Dales.....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Walkie yesterday ~Airecuts today!

Team Airepals ~

Mr. Cracker Jack here....

Me and Roy had a gweat day yesterday, we got to go back Luddam's again wiff Mumsie AND Dad! We went way further up the trail and found another wittle creek to splash about in and found out that trail hiking can be tiring! Cuz we were tired Dales last night. Here me and Roy are in the creek wiff our Daddy....

So we were weally wucky to go back again yesterday. Mumsie was sure we would need to get our Airecuts soon, she weally sprayed us down so we would not have any tickie buggies....Yuck! But, turnsout we are going to our groomers today! We are gonna get ouwr Spring Airecuts! Boy do we need 'em.

So here we are on the car wide home yestrday...I wuv the wind in my face as we dwive awound. It's pawesome....and Roy...well, he needed a nappie. We'll see you soon wiff our new look for Spring!

See Ya Airepals! We will sporting new handsome coats soon! G-Dales, out! Nose pokes!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A "Bye-bye" to start the Weekend !

We had a fiewld twip was weally, weally coooool!

Fellow Airepals.....we went for a great"bye-bye" today....our hoomans took us to Luddam's Park today!! We were sniffin' and markin' and just tooling along through the trails. It was pawesome! Our little hoomans came too and they helped Mumsie wiff us. See us all together below....

There was a wittle wiver we had to cwoss - Mumsie wanted to go in the water wiff us but we saw something more interwesting......

There were smallish aminals in the woods - we wanted to sniff and smell and drag our hoomans into the woods off the path too.....but our wittle hoomans wouldn't go....and Mumsie was tinking we'd get covered in ticks and stuff. Being that we need our spring airecuts still.....

And after wittle while of sniffin', meeting other hoomans, licking and more sniffin', we got back in the twuck to go home. We were pooped and thiwsty. Mumsie gave us a little dwinkie but we were happy to be going home to our BIG waterbottle and bowl! Then I took a nappie and all was good. Can a week end any betterer than dis? Whoo-hooo! Let's see what else we do this weekend.......stay tuned for more on our "bye-bye: pawties!

Paw slaps and airesnaps with a few big nose pokes......We G-Dales are chillin' twoooonightttt!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So many new fwiends....

Hey ~

We are wicked wucky Airedales....we have made so many new fwiends! THANK YOU! See us wookingout the door for visitors....we wuv making new fwiends.....
It is so nice to meet you all and learn about you and your hoomans! Wisten up, we are gonna need some sewious may know we are gettin a SISSY! Her name is Lola Dale and all our hoomans tawk abouwt is pink this and pink that (especially Mumsie....we tink she's got issues....)

We have a woutine alweady and we're guessin....that's about to change. Mumsie is alweady being a wittle tougher on us....making us weally listen to her commands. Not so much fun. But we heard from wots of Dale boys wike Noah and Stanley and Deetz and Mr. Beasley and the Thuglets and Harry and guys all seem to know what to do. Can we wough house wiff our Sissy? Can we give her Airesnaps and such? Or do we need to be gentlwe? Bet we'll have to share our toys.

So, how many of you new fwiends are from New England? Maybe we can plan a get together somewhere, sometime! We would wuv that! Let us know if you are neawr us....we know some of you arwe far, far away but we will wuv you just the same....

Barks and wags and such! Aireslaps and High Fives all awound!

The G-Dale Boyz!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Howdy! It's Monday and we are off to the park today with Mum. We are so excited to go sniff and smell and see and wace and womp awound! She told us we were going and we put on ouwr biggest smiles!

It's nice that we are lucky enough to go places. Mumsie likes to take us with her, she doesn't like when we are home awwl awone.

Monday is a good day to go to PetCo with Mumsie....maybe we will wook at pink leashes and cowlars for Miz Wowa Dale. We think Mumsie will be sending a piece of fleece to Mommy Tara Dale so Miz Wowa Dale will get used to ouwr smells. She did that for bofh of was nice.

mR. cRAckEr jACk
(pARdoN mY TYpIng)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Waining Agwain!

(Jack Jack) Yawwwwnnnn! Hi thewre! It's me,'s waining hewe agwain! Yuck. I get all muddy and that means Mum won't let me in the big house to see the kids or to way out on the couch. I have to hang out with Roy Boy in the mud woom until I am dwy. Bummer.

(Roy Al) Hey, we couwd always chew something, Jack! We have the bwankey we could chew, but you always are waying on it....Or we could tussell and pounce on each other....yeah, that's more fun.......hey, look at me Jack, look at me Jack......I'm weady! Wooooof!

(Jack Jack) I can't wait for that Wowa Grrrrrirllllll to get hewe so SHE can play wiff you! I just want to nappy on days wike today....... Yaaaawwwnnnnnn!

(Roy Al) Oh Wowa.....where aaaarrreeee you? Mummy is waiting for you too.....she is vewwwy excited to meet you. She has been tawking about pink weashes and pink bandanas ans stuffffff.....allll Grrrrirrrllllllyyyyyy things! You better wike pink!

Friday, April 11, 2008

(Roy Al)It's a cwappy day! It's cold agin and cloudy and what's worse....Mummy is talking about a new dog! Something about a Lola Dale...whatever that is. She showed us a picture of cute little red ball of fuzz and we licked and nose poked......but we didn't know that Lola was coming here someday soon.....

Oh oh, we better be on our BEST airedale behavior...what if she decides to steal Mummy from us?

(Jack Jack) NAH! Mummy will never forget about us, we are the number one sons! We are the ones that love her and lick her and wake her up...and the kids too! They wuv us tons! We will be just fine, besides, I've already claimed the bottom of Mummy and Daddy's bed ~ even YOU don't get to sleep there!

(Roy Al) Yeah, but I, yes me - Roy Al - I am Mummy's favowite....I get to snuggle in her lap and watch TV at night, I always get the longer tubbie (cause I'm soooo goood), amd Mummy always rubs my ears and my belly.

(Jack Jack) Whatever Roy....we are gonna hawf to see what she's like...she may be coooool and fun to hang out with.....after all she is a Dale even if she has red hair. And if Mummy wuvs her, we will probabwy wuv her too.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

TaraDale has beautiful litter.....

We just received some of the most beautiful photos of our new SISTER!!!!!


Ok, we like her........

Our Very First Post

First, we have to say that we love BEING AIREDALES because it is sooo much FUN!

Okay, okay...we love our humans and they are awesome because we get to go on adventures with them. We go to Cape Cod, we go to World's End, we go to the beach and on the boat, out for walks, near the river, by the Herring Run, in the woods.....oh yeah and we sleep sometimes too....

AND EAT! Boy do we love to eat....Supper-lupper time is the best! Both in the morning and at dinner time. We get treats sometimes and we just love that. We don't do many tricks but our kids are now trying to make us do stuff like "Paw" and soon it'll be "roll over"...yeah right! Don't they know we are AIREDALES?

Anyway, we get tubbies and brushed out over the winter but we are both in need of new AIRECUTS! We are woolly beasts! See me, Roy, in the Snow.....It gets cold here in the winter and we need our coats to keep us mighty warm. We are fixing to tell Mum we want one it was almost 70 degrees out....Spring and Summer are coming......we can't wait.

We plan to tell you our stories here and about our stay tuned! We (yes both of us and our humans) are expecting exciting news about a sister from our family at Tenkiller Airedales......