Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We've Got A Wheelie!

Sit right down and you'll hear a tale of a crazy wheelie and 3 Airedales......

WOW! We heard a rumor that there was a wheelie looking for a place to crash in town but the wheelie had a pal....a pinkie dog.....needless to say, we dales put the word out that we were interested......Especially me, since I am pack leader here at Camp Griffindale....yep, it's Jack-Jack and I'm back in charge of the pack.
See, it started a couple of weeks ago when Sherry asked our Mumsie about a wheelie....."What would you name a wheelie if you had one at your house?" Very interesting that shortly thereafter we had a knock on our door.....

It's Roy Al here....see the two little vermin out in owur driveway....we was very suspiciousy of dem at firwst but Jack-Jack said it would be pawsitively okay cause he would make sure that noffing went awry.....

There's the pinkie dog, there's the pinkie dog!!! Can I play wiff the pinkie dog? Oh my dog, I would love to CHEW UP THAT STUFFIE!! DEETZY BOY AND BEASE WOULD BE SO PROUD OF ME!

Miss Lola Dale, pwease wet's wait and see what the story is wiff deez guys firwst okay?

Yeah, so they got closer and closer....they knocked on the door but MUMSIE WEFT IT UNLOCKED! THEY CAME WIGHT INSIDE! OH MY DOG...JACK- JACK WHAT DO WE DO?

"Here pinkie, pinkie, pinkie....I won't hurt you.....I just want to pull your stuffies out!" Hee-heee

Err, talk to them Roy Boy....they are just a wheelie and a pinkie dog.....YOU ARE THE AIREDALE! See, sometimes I have to remind you that YOU are the mighty and proud AIREDALE TERRIER...yes, you are. These visitors, they want to SEE US and BE WIFF US because we ARE AIREDALES, dude. Check it out for yourself......

So, is pawsibly twue? YOU came here to SEE US?

Well, yes, my name is GERTY and I heard from a fwiend...PACO (he's in New Mexico) that you were Wheelie fwiendly here in BOSTON. I twavelled all that way to come and see you guys.

Oh my dog...Jack-Jack was wight! Well, do you know who lives here? We are 3 Dales strong here ya know....and you better understand we ARE IN CHARGE! (ok, weally, Jack-Jack is in charge but we other dales come before wheelies just in case you were thinking differwent)

" Oh pinkie.....come see Lola Belle........pwease!"

Alwight, if you say so, we just want to hang out wiff some fun Dales and see what happens wiff you all. Are there others wike us here? Are there more wheelies?

No, no other wheelies but we have some fwiends that we hang out wiff. There's Mortimer the Moose, there's Miss Duckie, there's Bonzo the beanie Dale and many others...we even have Pooh but Jack-Jack took care of him a long time ago...Pooh is cool now, he hangs wiff us all. Go say hi....

Hey there you guys, my name is GERTY and I've come to meet you all because my friend Paco from New Mexico has told me this is a cool place to hang out. That wots of fun stuff goes on here and that these 3 AIREDALES are vewy, vewy good Dales. What's the scoop? Mortimer can you tell me about them? And Bonzo the have they been wiff you....after all, imitation is the gweatest wook just wike Jack-Jack! I have been told that I wook wike Lola Belle...will she wike me?

Bonzo sayz that Lola will wike you. BUT, you must be very sweet when you go to say hello...she is a puppy dale and puppy dales can be feisty! Dis means she may want to try to taste you....yes, lick you, nibble can only visit wiff Lola if the MUMSIE is around...ok? Otherwise you couwld be in grave danger. Not because Lola is mean it's just she's a puppy'll understand soon.....

Morty the Moose sayz that you will have fun here.....see hanging wiff me is very fun...we sit up here in my swing and watch those crazy dales play down on the kitchen and living room floors...we are SAFE from BITEY FACE up here. Remember, always stay safe from BITEY FACE GAMES! NUMBER ONE RULE, GERTY!

"Mr. Pinkie Dog, Lola is getting don't talk, you come to my houwse and you won't pway wiff me.....Jack-Jack, what's up wiff the pinkie.........what are we gonna do about him?"

Bonzo again.....wisten, now that you have met everyone, you must go tewll your arrival to PAco and the other wheelies... The Mumsie can hewlp you....go to her computer and wait for her.....she will help you wiff your story ok? Oh, and just you wait, those 3 AIREDALES, they are CWAZY! You will have some tales to tell on Wheelie Wednesdays..... I understand that a certain Mamma Sherry also sent you to us....that Mamma sherry knew you would bring love and fwiendship along wiff you......Well, so far, she is wight! Welcome Gerty, welcome to Camp Griffindale!

Thank you Bonzo, and thank you to everyone else too....ESPECIALLY THE 3 DALES, I can't wait to meet Lola Belle and to be good fwiends wiff everyone here. I think Gerty (oh, that's me!) is gonna wike it here! Now, where is that computer to find this Mumsie for some helwp!

Ahhhh...there you are GERTY! I heard that you were here, that you had arrived, from the Dales. I am SO very pleased to have you join our pack at Camp Griffindale.....did Mamma Sherry really send you to see me? She always knows when to send a little bit of heaven to someone, doesn't she? WE LOVE MAMMA SHERRY so very much. I promise you will have fun here with the Dales and the whole gang.....looking forward to lots of adventures!

Lola Belle, the pinkie doesn't talk, he doesn't have a mouth.....and you've scared him. He thinks you just want to rip him that true? Not all stuffies should be ripped many times do I have to tell you that, young lady?........

Thanks for sharing Jack, we have to go for now. We look forward to getting to know Gerty and we all will play nice in the sandbox, right?

Until then......Jack- Jack is doing much better everyone....thank you for the love and prayers....


Laurie, Woo's Editor said...

how nice of you all to welcome them in, I especially enjoyed baby lola's reception and laughed throughout.

Peanut said...

They have a great new family.

Asta said...

Welcome Gertie
The Gwiffindale's awe a gweat will have a lovely home wif them..just listen to all the dale's can play wough..not mean, just ovewly exhoobewant.
love and smoochie kisses
ASTA and Myrna(a wheelie)

Willow the Black Dale said...

Welcome welcome welcome!!! You are so bootiful. You look almost like Paco. You are going to LOVE living with the G-dales.
The G-dales mumsie is the best (next to mine that is). Yes Mamma Sherry is pretty great also!!
Oh Please listen to all the stuffies you live with. Stay far from the jaws of the little dales, it is vewy vewy dangerous. Just think of poor Pierre. I am sure you met him before you left Airedale Heaven. Apache, bad girl, tried to murder him.
Stay safe and have fun!!!

Roll on,

Maggie and Mitch said...

A wheelie pawty! We love your swing!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

That is so cute. We love it..
Thanks for stopping by, we were wondering what was up with you all. Stop back soon..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Tenkiller Airedales said...

Hi Gerty!!!! Glad you made it to the Griffindale Camp in one piece!!!! We want to know.... have YOU SEEN PACO????? Stay SAFE from the Bitey Face of the Big Dales....they have NO appreciation for the "stuffiness" of the Wheelie....

Tallie Whoever

Eric said...

Gerty, grrr eat to eat you , I mean meeet look good enough to eat..Yum.Yum. hehehehe Eric

Lola - have a little nibble when no one is looking !!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Did you de-stuff the pink one? Maybe you need a distraction. I will distract the humans, you fly over that stoopid gate thing...then ATTACK!!!

Hehehehe! I should get a wheelie of my own, they look delicious!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Cassidy said...

We were sad to read about Jack-Jack, but so happy he is doing well. Mummy is paranoid about corn cobs, they always go straight into the outside bin (garbage) bagged up.

Where did baby Lola go? She's huge!

Cassidy x

Miss Ellie and Baz said...

How lucky are you to now have 2 special wheelies to live with you.
Look after them.

Miss Ellie and Bazzy