Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flying the Friendly Skies

Well, let me tell you a story about a little girl named Sierra that just had to fly in an airplane....Our Mumsie went on a bye-bye and she didn't take any of us! Not one! We saw her pack up a bag and we saw her take treats and water and then....none of us!!!!! WHAT? WHAT IS THIS?

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING MOMMY?" I had to ask, being the littlest Griffindale......

Well, she came home wiff a familiar doggie smell on her and then, she showed us the pictures and told us the story!

Ah my griffindale babies......Roy Al, Jack-Jack and Mis Lola.....Remember that all you furkids came to Mumsie on a big plane (oh yeah, that metal birdie in the sky) well, I had to help another Tenkiller Airedale get to her new home. I had to go to Logan Airport and pick her up. See here she is with a friend of ours, that nice lady who has met each of you at the Continental Airlines Cargo Hanger. She was just as nice to Sierra. Roy Boy, she is an all black Dale just like you.

Now, Mumsie was very happy to see Miss Sierra looking so good. She had NO (absolutely DRY) accidents in her kennel, she chewed up some of her newspaper but that's ok. We had some kibbles and some water, because just like you guys, she was very hungry. I watched her gobble up her kibbles in no time at all! Then we had a nice walkie to stretch her bones a bit. After all, she'd been in her kennel since early morning and that is not part of her routine! Then we got loaded into the car and ready to go!

Sierra was not having any part of getting back in her kennel, but neither was Mumsie....I wanted Ms. Sierra to stretch out and relax for a while. Now that she had food in her belly and could relax a little bit, I could tell she was very happy! She her happy face here......

Mumsie, she is very cute! She looks like Roy Boy and she has a white spot like me do...she would be lots of fun to play wiff. How come she didn't come home wiff you?

Well, good question Miss Lola Belle....see, first of all, Sierra has a BIG JOB to do. She is going to be a Service Dog for a lovey lady named Allison. Allison needs Sierra to help her do some things in her life because Allison uses a wheel chair to get around. Sierra can be a big help to her by getting things for her and helping out around the house. So, that is the first reason......the second reason is that Mamma Sherry told Mumsie she can't keep her, no matter how cute we all think she is, she has a forever home that she is going to. Just like you did, Miss Lola. Your forever home is here with Mumsie. Right?

Yep, that's right Mumsie, I understand now. Too bad though, she would have been fun to play wiff.

And you are so right Lola Belle...I think you and Roy and Jack would have LOVED her very much. But we had to hit the road and get going to Maine!

So here we are, on the road. It was a nice drive because the weather was good and it wasn't at rush hour. It was about 80 degrees and the windows were down (Sierra loved the breeze in the back of the car! - ALL THOSE SMELLS!!!!) We had very little traffic once we got out of Boston and on our way North, through NH to Maine. Did I tell you that Sierra is going to be with some trainers too?

No, what are Trainers, Mumsie? Who are they?

Well, the trainers that Sierra will work with are two very nice people. There is Miss Caitlin and her husband Martin. Caitlin will train Sierra and Martin will help her. They have a nice kennel in Maine and have agreed to help out Miss Allison by training Sierra to do what is necessary as a service dog. This is Caitlin and Martin with a doggie that stays at their kennel.

Ah, and there is the Portsmouth Bridge......a landmark that tells me we are getting closer to MAINE! By the way, Miss Sierra has been napping for most of the ride and she is just a love. Lola Dale, I'm sure that you remember Miss Sierra from Mamma Sherry's house...did you remember her smells?

Yeah Mumsie, that was my fwiend at Mamma Sherry's houwse...I wemember Miss Siewwa! I would surely have liked to seen her and say hello and sniff butts and stuff....did she smell me in the car Mumsie?

I'm sure she did Princess. And then in a few more minutes...WE ARRIVED at our meeting place. We met with Martin who was going to take Miss Sierra to their kennel and start to train her and get her to Miss Allison. Isn't this exciting stuff?

This is the Route 1 sign, just a few more minutes to go!!!And then we pulled into the parking lot and met with Martin in the back where there were very few cars. We had plenty of space to let Miss Sierra out to walk some more, go potty and say hello to her next new friend. She and Martin had one more leg of the journey to make for the day.

This is the Trading Post from Route 1, we went in the back......past the big sign
And here is Miss Sierra with Martin and walking with us. We chatted about blacks and how Mumsie and Daddy came to decide we wanted Airedales and then how we found Mamma Sherry. We talked a bit about what good doggies you Airedales are and then a bit about their kennel - Pet Haven. They have about 30 doggies a day come stay wiff them for day care! They are busy! Anyhow, we let Miss Sierra feel some grass under her toes and try to potty. We loaded up her kennel in Martin's car and then......they went bye-bye on the last leg of Miss Sierra's very long day.

Walking with Martin...

A little quiet time in the grass....See her beautiful spot just like yours, Lola? She is a beautiful little girl, too, just like you. And very sweet, Mumsie got many kisses from Miss Sierra.

And then Mumsie's job was done, it was time to say goodbye to Miss Sierra so she and Martin could get to their final destination. Poor Sierra had such a long day of travel but she was a trooper - that little pooper looper! She got in Martin's car and I gave her the fleece we had and the hand leash so Martin could stop with her if he needed to. She looked tired but was still such a good girl. Martin was very kind and was happy to have Miss Sierra in the front with him for their journey. At least Miss Sierra won't be lacking attention or loving care.....seems everyone is bewitched by her sweet personality!

There she is - the super duper girl, Miss Sierra. Hope you had a safe journey for the last of your travels Sweetie! Wishing you love and much happiness in your new forever home. I'm certain that between Allison, Caitlin and Martin that you are going to be well loved. Blessing little girl as you begin the big job that lies ahead!

Thank you to Mamma Sherry for the love and care and for sharing Miss Sierra with someone in need. Thank you Martin and Caitlin for the care and training of Miss Sierra on behalf of Allison. And thank you Allison - for loving our little girl and giving her a forever home. We are all thinking of you! And we are here to help and to chat with you if you like!

When you are ready to set up your own Dog we can see what is going on with Miss Sierra, let us know, we can help you if you like!

Good Luck and Many Blessings to you and Miss Sierra!

Lots of Love,

Mumsie Griffindale

a.k.a. Debbi


Peanut said...

Mumsie is great for helping Sierra get where she needs to be. We know Sierra will do a great job.

Willow the Black Dale said...

Mumsie Griffendale,
You have no idea how happy my mommy and grandma was that you were at the other end to meet Miss Sierra. Mommy says she was so sweet. She also said that my boy Ty got really attached to her. When he heard she was going to be a service dog he took over Sierra duty the day he got to the kennel. He even tried to get her to open the refrigerator everyday. teehee

*Mommy here! The journey was long but well worth it. So very happy you got to be a part of it. Thank you for sharing your end of the journey. Isn't she a doll. I would love it if we could do more of this for more people. That service dog list is way to long!! Love you lots debbi do.*

Smooches to you mumsie,

Tenkiller Airedales said...

Hello guys!!!! So very glad to hear that Sierra made it. What a smooth job you guys did in transitioning her from one mode of transportation to the next. I just loved the picture where she is actually smiling!!! You guys are the greatest. I hear from Caitlin that Sierra did great. She slept well her first night, met new friends the next day. Has already started her training and is doing very, very well!!! The trainer is very pleased with Sierra and feels that she is the perfect match for Allison. I just love it when a good plan comes together.

Thanks to all,
Momma Sherry

Maggie and Mitch said...

Bless your mom for helping Sierra get to her forever home! We hope she does blog once she settles in! We would love to keep up with her daily adventures!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

WooHoo to your mom and all the people who helped to get Sierra started on her way to being a great service doggie! We are sure Allison will give her a great life and Sierra will surely help to make Allison's life a little easier!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

YAY!!!! Everyone is helping out Allison and Sierra! Woot!

I just can't believe that your mumsie didn't take you to Maine with her! I could have at least played some bitey face in the car to help entertain her!

Ahhhhh yes...there's nothing quite like some Airedale love and some bitey face!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

Miss Ellie and Baz said...

What a great job your mumsy did. We hope Sierra goes really well with her training and helps Miss Allison lots.

Miss Ellie and Bazzy

Abby said...


Thanks for sharing Sierra's journey...She is sooo cute & she looks like such a sweet girl...

We can't wait to hear how her training goes...& we're hoping to see Allison's Blog soon...

Abby & her Mom xxxooo

Noah the Airedale said...

You must be so happy with how this is all turning out for Allison. Sierra is so beautiful and her nature seems perfect.
We just know Sierra will do a fantastic job. She's a dale afterall.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Eric said...

That was a fab high fives blog Lola!Your Mom is a real star to help Sierra and Alison. I saw too in your comments box that Sierra is doing great.. fantastic, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy for everyone. And Sierra is one cute dale, I've never seen a black dale before I saw your handsome face Roy Boy. Hope Miss Sierra will blog and show us what she has learnt and can do to help Alison.

Wiry wags. Eric x